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Phil Travel Safari is truly the safari travel agency with a difference as we fully ensure that our clients get the very best experience out of their safari. Please feel free to try us out and your experience will be out of this world delightful. Our diversity (air, land, tours and groups) and specializations ensures unrivalled expertise. We are always looking for new ideas and feedback to improve our services and experiences. Read More.
Kenya is the original home of safari – Swahili name for embarking on a journey. From the 1920’s when Earnest Hemingway made his way to the incredibly vast Savannah plains of Kenya and President Roosevelt came hunting for lions, Kenya has maintained its allure attracting wildlife lovers all year round. The country is blessed with beautiful highland scenery’s, lakes, mountains wildlife filled plains and one of the most attractive coastlines in the world. Read More.
Wake to the call of stirring birds in the Ngorongoro Crater, or perhaps to the first rays of sun clearing Mount Kilimanjaro. These are the timeless sights and sounds of the Serengeti, they signal the start of each thrilling day. A safari features the continent's finest guides, who expertly reveal your destination's countless wonders. Whether you witness an endangered black rhino quietly grazing or thousands of wildebeest and zebra thundering through plains during the Great Migration. Read More.
When people think of safari in Africa, a Kenya safari is the one that comes to mind. From the stampeding herds of the Mara to the cultures of the Maasai, Rendille and Samburu, and the Pink Flamingos of the Rift Valley Lakes against the backdropof the majestic Mount Kenya. This is the original "Out of Africa" destination.We provide safaris to all locations according to our budget and needs.Read More.
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