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Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Lake Nakuru National Park


Dubbed the greatest bird spectacle on earth due to the millions of fuchsia pink flamingo that flock to feed on the teeming algae of its alkaline waters, lake Nakuru is also an ornithologist’s paradise .A uniquely rewarding game –viewing venue and a sanctuary for both black and white rhino .Its pink-frosted shores and sky mirrored waters also yield some of the most evocatively beautiful photo-images in Africa.

What to see 

The Fabulous Flamingos

Lake Nakuru’s lesser flamingo population can reach a pulsating pint mass of over 1.5 million birds. At times, however, they may also relocate to other rift valley lakes .Greater flamingo also visit, but in smaller number. An ornithologist’s paradise with 450 species of birds The park offers an incredible 450 different species of water, fish –eating terrestrial and migratory birds to include pelican, fish eagle, secretary bird, heron, egret, hammerkop and grebe

Kenya’s first Rhino Sanctuary

Established as Kenya’s first rhino sanctuary, the park now hosts one of the largest black rhino concentrations in the country while substantial number of white rhino have also been introduced .How to tell black from white: both are grayish in colour but white rhino have a wide ,flat snout suitable for grazing while black rhino have a concave back and a triangular prehensile lip for browsing on trees and shoots. Where to find them: black rhino prefer busy forested areas, While white rhino prefer to graze in open grasslands, most especially those of the lake shore.

Activity Options

Catch the best views of the lake

For the finest views of the lake visit Baboon cliff, Lion Hill and out of Africa Hill. The pick of the picnic sites Discover some great picnic sites at Baboon Cliff, Out of Africa Hill and Acacia picnic site(near the main Gate). Make a circuit of the Park The park is pleasurable to drive around due to its easy to follow topography, good roads and clear signposting.



  • Altitude: 1,756 meters above sea level
  • Area: 188sq. Km.
  • Location: Nakuru, Rift valley province.
  • Distance from Nairobi:160 km north-west of Nairobi.
  • Gazetted : 1968
  • Climate: warm and dry.
  • Vegetation: 550 plant species and varied woodlands to include Acacia woodlands, Euphorbia and Olea forests.
  • Fauna: Including Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, the rare long- eared leaf-nosed bat, colobus money,rock hyrax,hipp, rhin,lion ,leopard, waterbuck, impala ,gazelle, striped Hyena,bat-eared fox,wild cat,reedbuck and golden cat.Re-stocked mammals include:Lion, black and white Rhino and the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe.
  • Birds: Up to 1.5 million flamingo plus 450 other species of birds.
  • Roads: The roads are well graded and maintained and signposted
  • By Air: There are several airstrips in the park

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